Canon Pixma MG3670 Install

First Time Setup Canon Pixma MG3670 Install

Connect Canon Pixma MG3670 to the Wireless Network

  1. Complete the hardware setup before connecting to the wireless network. Fill in your printer tray with the inki cartridge and load paper.
  2. Power your printer and make sure the power lamp is properly lit.
  3. Click and hold the Wi-Fi button on the top of the printer operating panel. You will keep it pressed until the lamp blinks.
  4. After that, simultaneously click the “colorbutton and the Wifi button until the Wi-Fi lamp flashes quickly. Also. The lamp should be lit.
  5. Go to your access point (router) in 2 minutes and press the WPS button. The blue Wi-Fi lamp on the printer continues to blink throughout the scanning process, and both Power and Wi-Fi light flashes when the connection point is connected.
  6. The Power and Wi-Fi lamp will stop flashing after the printer is connected to your wireless network and remain lit.
  7. Now you must check that the network settings of your printer are successfully connected to your wireless network. Fill a plain paper sheet of A4 for that.
  8. Instead press the Wi-Fi button and hold it until the Power lamp flashes once and release it.
  9. This will print the network information page.

Printer Driver Download and Install

Follow the steps below carefully to download and install your printer driver.


  1. First of all, open your system’s web browser.
  2. Type it into the address bar and then go to
  3. On the web page , click the Setup tab and you’ll see a new window on your desktop.
  4. Type MG3670 into the search window of the website and press GO. It will show you the download button on your screen.
  5. Tap on the button Open. The download of the configuration file on your computer will then start and take a few minutes.
  6. Make sure that the window is not closed or the device is turned off between downloads.
  7. After the download is finished, it is saved automatically in the folder Downloads. But if you want to save it to another folder, you need it manually.


  1. First, open your system’s Downloads folder.
  2. Then, find the Canon setup file in your folder.
  3. Double-click on the file and proceed to the next step.
  4. It shows a pop-up User Account Control box which allows you to make necessary computer changes. Click the Yes button in the box to give permission.
  5. It’s going to start running the file.
  6. A dialog box will then be shown, the language button at the bottom of the screen is pressed and the appropriate language is selected from the drop down. Click on the back button to return.
  7. Choose your country or region in the next window by clicking on the down arrow key. If your country is not listed, select others from the options list.
  8. Select the green Next button at the bottom of the list.
  9. Now carefully read the End User License Agreement. If you agree to all of the terms and conditions of the contract, click on the Yes button at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  10. Read the full details of the Expanded Survey System on the next page. If you agree and want to participate in the plan, click on the Agree button in the lower right corner of the page. If you do not want to approve the survey program, however, press Do not agree.
  11. A new Firewall Settings window will appear on your screen, tick the Deactivate Block box. Then click on the specified Next button.
  12. You are required to select your connection method on the next screen. Select Wireless LAN Connect or USB connection as you wish. Click the Next button instead.
  13. You now see two options, Connect via the Wireless Router and Direct Connection, when you pick the wireless LAN link form in the section above. Although Canon suggests you choose the first option, click on the instructions tab and then follow the on-screen steps if you wish to choose the direct option.
  14. Then press Next and proceed to next step. Next step
  15. Make sure your printer is working and press Next.
  16. First, the software starts scanning your printer in the network on the printer detection screen. The detection process may take a while and you must wait for the search to be done.
  17. When the printer is detected, select your printer from the options list and click Next to start your press setup.
  18. The Print Head Alignment window is displayed on your computer to continue. Click on the Next button on the bottom of the page.
  19. A test print screen will now be shown. Click on the execute button and follow the on-screen instructions to perform the test. In order to run the check, your printer must also be filled with plain paper. But, if you don’t want to run the check, please click Next.
  20. The configuration process is now complete. To start the software installation, click Next.
  21. Select the software you would like to run on the next screen and press the Next button.
  22. Your screen will show the user registration window. Click on the Next button to register and follow the instructions on the screen. If not, press the Skip button.

Now it takes you to the finishing window of the installation. To finish the installation, click on the Exit button. Restart the computer after that.