Canon Pixma G3010 Install

First Time Setup Canon Pixma G3010 Install

  1. First, connect in a power source into your Canon Pixma G3010 printer. Turn it on then. You must make sure that the power lamp of the printer is properly lit here.
  2. However, if the power lamp blinks. Then click “Start” on the control panel of the printer.
  3. Now, find the “Direct” button on the Canon Pixma G3010 printer for Simple Wireless Connection. Then click the “Pass” button and hold it.
  4. The wireless connection indicator would then continue to flash.
  5. Then press the button “Direct.”
  6. Then you see a Wi-Fi button and horizontal bars blinking on the display screen of the printer. It ensures that your printer is connected to your internet connection or router successfully.
  7. Return to the application screen and start configuration.
  8. Now you have to run a printing check to make sure your Canon Pixma G3010 Printer is linked to the right network.
  9. Therefore, you can load your printer with plain paper size A4 correctly.
  10. Next, on your printer, find the “Resume” click. Push it and hold it.
  11. As a result, the “Indicator Light” will flash next to the button fifteen times.
  12. You must also keep track of the signals of the indicator light. Summarize it correctly. After the “Indicator Lamp” flashes for fifteen seconds, press the “Resume” button.
  13. Canon Pixma G3010 Printer will then print the sheet with network information.
  14. Now, look very carefully at the information on this document. The SSID on it will show your home network’s correct name.
  15. You can start using your printer after verifying the information on this printed document.
  16. However, you must download and install the driver program on your device to configure your printer before going any further.
  17. Insert the Install CD in the CD Drive of the computer.
  18. It will then open the window with the “Download” tab.
  19. Click on “Download” here.
  20. Follow the instructions on the computer to complete the file.
  21. For the meantime, if it helps you to save choices. Then select the “Save As” option. Then have a convenient place for saving the downloaded configuration file.
  22. Wait until the download is done.
  23. Then open the Setup file downloaded.
  24. Instead, on the Setup Screen, press the “Start Setup” button.
  25. You will now be asked to define “your area.” Therefore, select “Your Region” from the list of options available. Then click on the “Next” button.
  26. That will then take you to the portal of the “License Agreement.” Scroll down to the bottom here. Then select “Yes.”
  27. The “Extended Survey System” will be shown next screen. You should “agree” here or “disagree.” Therefore, select properly. But, if you agree with it. Canon would then have access to other details in your printer. It will use this information for the development and marketing of its products while respecting the confidentiality of your data.
  28. The “Firewall Settings” will appear on the following screen. You must here ensure that the option “Deactivate the Block” is selected. Thereafter, click on “ Next.
  29. The following window shows your network connection and printer information. Confirm, therefore, that the descriptions are correct. Subsequently, select “ Yes ” to proceed.
  30. The “Setup” process will therefore proceed. You will now get the “Select Wireless Router” screen depending on your network router. You should choose your router here. Then enter your network key, i.e. your password. Thereafter, click “ Next ”.
  1. The “Setup” takes a while. In the meanwhile, it will temporarily disable your network connection.
  2. The following window will confirm the completion of the network link. Click on the “Next” tab.
  3. The next window will then confirm that the setup has been completed. At the same time, it gives you the option to make your default printer for this printer. You may select it as such. Then click on the “Next” button.
  4. A few more screens would then appear. Only proceed here by clicking “Next.”

At the end of this process, it will take you. This window confirms that the “Installation” is successful. Click the “Exit” button to close the Installer wizard.