Canon MX492 Printer Install

First time set up Canon MX492 Printer Install

Confirm the following things before connecting this printer to your network.

  • You must have a wireless router that connects your home network devices (computer, printer, and so on) to the Internet on your home network. Your wireless router must already be set up.
  • The computer used for the setup must already be connected to the network.
  1. Turn ON your printer.
  2. Click your printer’s Setup button. The setup icon is an easy to find button.
  3. Using the Wireless LAN Setup navigation tools, press the OK button.
  4. You will have multiple options under Wireless LAN Setup. Choose Other Configuration and press OK.
  5. Some configuration will give two methods again. Select cableless setup and click OK.
  6. This renders your Canon Pixma MX492 printer ready to use the “Cableless Setup” system for wireless LAN connection.
  7. Open and click https:/ your web browser
  8. Click on the Setup link.
  9. You will be asked by the next window to select your product. In the box near the top, type the Canon Pixma MX492 Printer and click Go.
  10. Specify your region on the next page appropriately.
  11. The following page has a Download tab. To start the download, click it.
  12. It may ask you if you want to save the downloaded file. Make sure you save it to your computer.
  13. Wait until the download is complete. It might take a few minutes.
  14. Double-click the downloaded.dmg file once the download is finished.
  15. This will automatically begin the Setup for you. Now, just keep an eye on the screen and follow the instructions on the screen.
  16. Click the Next button on the window that displays your printer details.
  17. The next window will prompt you to choose the connection method. Choose Wireless Lan Connection.
  18. Next screen will prompt you to choose the Wireless Lan Connection method you want to use. Select Connect from a wireless router.
  19. The next page will connect you with network printers. Just click Next.
  20. It will prompt you to select the setup procedure again. Choose the Cableless Setup option. When the .NET Framework screen appears, press Yes.
  21. Now you’ll see a list of the software available for installation. Just click Next.
  22. This will start the installation process for your printer, which may take a few moments. If prompted, you may follow any instructions on the screen.
  23. Click the Complete button as the Setup Completion window appears.
  24. Next window will indicate that the Setup is complete. Click Next.
  25. In case if another screen appears asking permission for Extended Survey Plan. Scroll to the bottom when reading the description. You may or may not Agree depending on your choice.
  26. It will take you to the Check Print Tab. Test printing tests the printer ‘s activity. Load the printer with plain paper and press Execute on your computer screen. Select Next. In case you want to skip the test, click Next instead of Execute.
  27. This is going to complete the installation. Click the Exit button on the following window to confirm the same.