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With powerful features packed into extremely modular bodies, the PIXMA variety of home and photo printers offers a high-quality printing solution. It takes complete creative control of your images with PIXMA. The powerful software of this outstanding range of inkjet printers is designed for simplified yet stunning quality prints. Its sleek, elegant and compact design compliments quality, speed and efficiency.


Canon MAXIFY takes full creative control of your pictures. It is dedicated to supporting you by providing high-quality photos and images. This is ultimately designed to meet all your printing requirements. Maximum print speed and quality The performance of this robust design is sure to multiply your business. Specifically designed for heavy-duty use, this reliable printer meets all your printing needs with personalized, efficient outputs.


Canon Laser Printers are producing graphics and texts in excellent quality. Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing process that takes care of your images. Therefore, it was designed to achieve the results you deserve. Fast printer with a creative design built for New Age Business Enterprise takes care of all your printing needs. Canon Laser Printer provides improved security solutions with advanced customization options.


Canon Selphy is not only attractive due to its sleek and stunning design, but also delivers stunning print quality to meet your printing needs. Canon Selphy meets all the requirements for printing. Compact, Elegant and customizable Printer with Variety of Printing Functions and Intuitive User-Interface guarantees a fun-filled printing experience and an Excellent Usability and Intelligent Digitization packed with functionalities.

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Canon completely combats with all Windows products. We provide necessary info to configure, utilize and install your canon products Windows Computer as per


We provide canon ij setup full assistance for Mac users to attain better canon experience.  Our experts also provide full functionality ranges.


The products of canon are completely compatible with all types of smart phones available. We offers Good and quality print solutions with our Top rated Tech support experts, they follow canon.comijsetup rules


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Canon Printer Setup

Canon Pixma ij setup for Canon Pixma results amazing printing quality. Just click on button below to get more information about Canon Pixma Setup.

Canon ij Setup Maxify for Canon Maxify printers is very well suitable for your small / residential office, including the fast and efficient Canon MAXIFY series. 

Canon Laser ij Setup

High-quality pictures and images can be produced by To get all the information of this printer setup simply click here.

Canon Selphy ij Setup

Follow the given steps  for Canon Selphy Setup. Click the below button and visit for further information about Canon Selphy Setup. - Canon Setup and Installation

Canon setup Process:

It is important that you know what its requirements are before you plan to go to For this link, you need a router or modem at home and the access points should function properly. To make this canon ij setup you should have a device with an internet connection. It can be a computer or a mobile phone.

Easy Steps to Do Canon Setup,

CD or Download software:

If you are a window user, you must put a cd that has a canon printer set in ready to start this wireless setup. If you don’t have a CD, you can download the drivers from

“” - canon wireless printer setup

After that you will find a screen to click on ‘next.’ The MAC users will need to type the password because they will install the helper tool for you. In this case, you need to select a wireless or USB connection and you obviously need to go for a wireless connection as per rules of .

1. Switch ON the Canon printer:

Check if the printer is turned on otherwise the system does not work. So, before you jump to the next stage, you need to power the printer. You need to choose a cable that is less setup in the next option. If you are using Windows XP, you will be given the option ‘other setup’ instead of a less setup cable. You can go to the crucial step by choosing this option from

2. Connection Via Cable less setup

‘Connection via cable less setup’ will appear on your computer and you have to select the Wi-Fi option. Make sure you hold an alarm lamp until it glows for the second time and it can be released.

3. Flashing blue and green lamps

You can note that the blue Wi-Fi lamp blinks and the green lamp blinks. If this occurs, the next choice can be chosen. Make sure your network link is solid, but you will notice the network leaving for a few seconds during this process.

4. Agree on the terms

After that, you will follow the steps taken to agree on a license agreement and to provide your area with the required information. You will see that the printer model name and the wireless network are on the screen.

5. Complete the

You can click ‘complete ‘when you see the wireless network with the printer model on the screen.

The configuration of the Canon is done in this way. You don’t need to be an expert to do this, but anyone who knows how to use a computer can easily complete this setup. Whether you’ve bought a new printer or you’re using the older one, wireless setup can be very helpful to you. In this digital age, a wireless connection to a printer will help you make better use of it by as per rules of

Guide To Installing Canon Printer

Most Canon printers are very practical in nature and therefore easy to install by canon ij setup – they are mainly installed automatically on centrally advocated PCs and are available to the audience in accordance with their wish.

Installing a New Canon Printer from canon ij setup

When the new canon printer is tried to install as per canon ij setup rules is given following steps are needed:

  • Start menu and go to Install Printers (canon ij setup) in the HY Segment. You have to search for the printer miniature on the list and simply click on it.
  • Then a very important step you have to focus on is to set the printer number correctly in the search field.
  • Hit search button.
  • You’ll see serial numbers in a black colored case. Serial number 1 may request the printer’s search criteria, like adding, for example, the number or the street address of the Canon printer, etc.
  • Click the search button to find the printer.
  • From there, you’ve got to switch to the printer option you want.
  • Click on the install option finally
  • Happiness warning: You can actually install more than one printer at a time
  • Confirmation message will be sent to you revealing that the process was a success
  • Now you have to search for the default from the list of printers. Jump from the same start menu to Devices and Printers.
  • If you want to change the default printer at that time, you can do so instantly.
  • Just pass to the printer that you want to make as default, and then click it with the mouse’s secondary button.
  • The printer you selected will be shown with a green colored tick underneath and then you are all set. 
  • the canon printer is installedas per rules of

Canon Printer Wireless Setup ( Guide

Canon Wireless Printer Setup involves various steps to configuration and how to connect this printer via wireless mode to the computer or smart devices.

You can easily share documents, photos, videos and so on with friends or neighboring systems using this setup without using the USB.

What Are The Requirements For Connecting The Canon Printer To Wireless Network?

In this topic, we can see the requirements that we should have before canon setup, and then connect the printer to the wireless network via setup process.

  • You must have an access point such as a modem, router or a Wi-Fi modem. And you must always make sure that the link given in these access points working properly.
  • Then at least you have to have a smart device or computer that is connected to the internet to setup the canon ij. To ensure your computer is connected to the internet, open your browser and type the extension, which opens all details on

These are two important factors that you should consider before setting up the canon. You can connect the canon printer to your smart devices after checking these things.

The different steps involved in connecting the printer to the wireless network are as follows:

  • Windows users must set up a CD that has been supplied with a printer set to start the Canon wireless printer setup. If you don’t have a CD or if you are a MAC user, you need to download the software manual and use the printer that you are using.
  • Then you’ll find a screen that appears and you’ll have to click NEXT on it. If you are a MAC user, you need to enter a password so that the helpful tool can be enabled. Once again, click on the NEXT button to ensure that it runs smoothly.
  • IMPORTANT STEP: here you will find a screen that will display whether you want to use a USB or wireless connection. Obviously, go for the wireless connection.
  • Then you have to keep in mind that the printer must be switched on, and the power lamp must be switched on, and then skip to NEXT.
  • Next, you have to associate with the network by connecting.
  • The screen will appear from where you need to select ‘Cableless Setup.’ If you are a Windows XP follower, you will not be able to see the ‘cableless setup’ option, but you will need to select the ‘other setup’ option. The Windows XP people then need to turn to choosing a ‘wireless setup using a USB cable‘ for the Canon wireless printer setup option.
  • This is a very important step. You will find the ‘Cableless Setup Link’ option appearing and from there you have to switch to the printer’s Wi-Fi device and hang on until the orange alarm lamp sparkles twice, and then you just release it.
  • You will now make sure that the blue colored Wi-Fi part of the light blasts and the green colored power lamp is continuously sparkling. Then select NEXT.
  • NOTE: While doing this, you must remember that your network connection will sometimes not be available. Please select NEXT.
  • Then select your region, then select NEXT.
  • Put your place of residence and click on the NEXT button.
  • Then you need to switch to the app that you want to run. In the coming future, you can always uninstall it.
  • You will then choose ‘YES’ on the following screen to ensure that you have correctly clicked on the end user license agreement.
  • Then you will see the printer model as well as the name of the wireless network on the following screen.
  • Finally click COMPLETE to finish the process for the Canon wireless printer.

Setup Canon Printer With USB

  1. If you are unable to locate your printer after you’ve finished setup your canon printer or go through, then you need to choose ‘Setup Network Connection via USB’ and jump to NEXT.
  2. A screen will follow from which you need to move to canon setup and connect your printer to your computer by attaching a USB cable. If you are a MAC user, click on the NEXT button.
  3. Once all this is completed, you will find the connection point that your device is connected to on the screen. If you want your printer to connect with that specific wireless network, press YES.
  4. If you are a MAC user, please press ALLOW. Then a screen will appear from which you have to delete your printer from your machine and click NEXT.
  5. If you are a Windows user, click on COMPLETE.
  6. This is for MAC users only, after connecting your printer to your computer, the access point will be shown and then you have to click OK.
  7. Now switch to the ADD PRINTER.
  8. Then, on the screen , click on the specific version of the driver you are looking for and click on the ADD button.
  9. To complete the setup of, move to NEXT

How To Install The Canon Printer Driver With the Help of

After connecting your printer to a wireless network, you can print from various devices. Now we’re going to see how to install a canon printer driver on your computer using a wireless network. Installing a network printer is a costly task compared to a USB connection.

  • First, if you have a hard copy of your user manual, you should read this manual and visit for online user manuals and other user manual settings for your canon printer.
  • Link to the wireless network using the Canon wireless printer display screen.
  • When your printer is linked to your network successfully, you can quickly activate the control panel by opening it.
  • Select the devices and printer in the control panel and select the add printer option.
  • Next select Add a different options of network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  • Then select your wireless printer from the list of available printers.
  • Now, by clicking on the install driver button, install the driver software From canon ij setup needed for your device.

If you need to learn more about the installation process , please visit the setup page.

This is the entire process of canon setup connecting your Canon printer to your computer. After all formalities of the setup have been completed and your printer has been linked via your Computer, make sure that your printer is checked. Select any random document from your computer file and directories and go to the print icon or choice in the document anywhere. Check if your printer is able to process your request for this document successfully. If you have an extracted printer of your paper, it means that the printer is related and that the printer works as well. If you cannot get a printing, you can contact the service center or the valued staff who provide services after the sale because they can assist you in installing your printer.

If you’re facing any problems with any of the printer options, or if you’re wrong, you’ve selected some options that you didn’t know about. You can reset the factory on the printer, and configuration and manual problems can be solved at to help you install all the manufacturers’ default options. To restore the printer default setting, press the cancel or the resume button and hold it. You must keep it until the warning flashes 17 times straight next to it. You should let go of the button after the 17th flash. This would restore the default option programmed for your printer. If you also have issues here, you can contact the esteemed service center person and contact the service of the company or visit


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